Saturday, October 03, 2009

Good Mood

As usual, i don't talk much, but all i can say is...i'm pretty happy, a weird happy feeling, and pretty much boost my mood.

ouwh, i forgot to greet u all HAPPY BATIK DAY. Maybe it should be happy BELATED batik day,cause it was 'bout yesterday. It put a smile on my face when lookin' at the most of people who wears batik in a same day.

Enough speak! i'll leave these picts to you..

leopard top,pink skirt = inherited from mom, bag= Temple Trees, brown flats=unbranded, pink tulle necklace= DIY

And still...i'm talking about rings..

Lili Yung is the designer

Lily Yung has a knack for creating amazing MoCo jewelry. Case and point is her new series of precisely machined, iconographic rings. For added visual flavor, the rings can be stacked and traded with friends to create new arrangements in color and form. The rings are on display in: A show of 1001 rings in Toronto.