Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mayday !

Do you ever kinda miss someone so deeply?
calming me down just by hearing his sleepy voice,
feel very thankful to God who create such a warm arms,

and so i found my tears falling..

Let's get rich

mesh outerwear = flea market, print top & tosca skirt = inheritance, tights=unbranded, silver oxford =misschic

What?? another rings??
uh-huh...i'm sorry,i'm talkin' about accessories nowadays i just can't help it.
Anyway...ssshh....can you hear them? they're like shouting to get into your jewelry box.

Cobblestone Ring 2 Stepping Stones Ring

Skull and Cross Bone Skull Ring Patriot Ring

Pizzas Number 2 Pave Elephant Ring

Contemporary Cocktail CZ Sculpture

Pride Lavender Luster

Matte Squares Ring Cubic Zirconia Crown Ring

Golden Raindrops Heart Shaped Promise Ring

Hope Ring Believe Ring

Pretty enough to beautify your fingers. Lu Shae Jewelry has various types of ring shapes, besides it has many kind of earrings too, to sweeten up your date, it has dangle and studs earrings. You should check, it ships everywhere! Patriot Ring is pretty cute, but i looove their golden products,especially the Golden Rain Drops Ring. The Contemporary Cocktail and CZ Sculpture has caught my eyes with their abstract shape, and still much moooore to pick...just go to it's website and enjoy those lovely jewelry.

Have a nice day guys, i gotta go, cherish your day with smile..cos you never know who's gonna fall in love with your smile.


Face Hunter Party Jakarta on Wednesday at 365 Echo Bar, Kemang

Tarita sofyan, lokita mardanti, vorega badalamenti (Viva La Vorega), Sharin Djamal (Darnmodelina)

Yvan Rodic from Facehunter

Bimo, Vorega, Me, Gary

Here's also Sharin Djamal's review, hope we can catch up later =)

Current song i listened to..

You and I

The Way I am