Friday, July 31, 2009

Will off to out of town till tuesday

Ajeng's birthday..

Flower print Blazer : Qiu Qiu, shorts:ITC, yellow stripe shirt:flea market, lil' chair ring:about 1$ tribal ring:Bandung 7$

2 Things i'm in love..

First : These pathwork blazers

Picture from ETSY

Second : Only I , vintage renewal online shop.

She transform some vintage stuffs into awesome new outfits.
When i look at her collection, i was saying WOW like hundred times.
Can't say anymore, just take a look.
Good job,cindy...

Yes,I will go out of town till tuesday..,i'll tell you later where am i going..heheh
Ouwh and about "taggy thing", i will post it later..
i promiseeeeee.....
Okay! Kiss for you all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Enough speak

The reunion..

Black moccasin:Kuningan, Skirt:tailor made,from Sarong Palembang, stripe shirt:vintage, grey tights:Bandung, Bag:Bandung

The canceled reunion..

Harem:MeldaModa Shop, tricolor wedges:sister's, tanktop unbranded, bag:Aigner, blazer:Qiu Qiu, necklace:DIY

Why buy it, if you can make it?

Button earrings..button earrings..YAY!

Well, glue gun really does useful..
a lot..

Gotta sleep now,fellas...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Le sac,c'est moi ! do i start? remember the post that was talking about my desirable bag?

And....VOILA. I got it straight in front of me.

Well it's a gift actually. Can't say nothing more but thank youuu...

Thank you.. you "E" guy.heheh.

(The bag is from Temple Trees ,just check it out if your curious)           



Here is the detail,more or less..

In the mood of wearing plain bright colours nowadays.

lefty: leopard shoes:costummade, black bowler:flea market, black shorts:vintage, light blue top.

righty: black mocassin shoes:ITC kuningan(hhehe), purple shirtdress:Bandung, Zebra drawstring:La Princessa, Black Blazer: Qiu Qiu,bow necklace:50% handmade

Smile upon my face! :D