Friday, July 31, 2009

Will off to out of town till tuesday

Ajeng's birthday..

Flower print Blazer : Qiu Qiu, shorts:ITC, yellow stripe shirt:flea market, lil' chair ring:about 1$ tribal ring:Bandung 7$

2 Things i'm in love..

First : These pathwork blazers

Picture from ETSY

Second : Only I , vintage renewal online shop.

She transform some vintage stuffs into awesome new outfits.
When i look at her collection, i was saying WOW like hundred times.
Can't say anymore, just take a look.
Good job,cindy...

Yes,I will go out of town till tuesday..,i'll tell you later where am i going..heheh
Ouwh and about "taggy thing", i will post it later..
i promiseeeeee.....
Okay! Kiss for you all.


  1. wow wow wow!! keren bangeddd yaa koleksi naa hehe jadi pengen beli wkwkwkw
    btw, blazer moe keren banged deh,
    kau lama sekali post yg baru, gue uda nungguin dr kapan hehee...

  2. haha..
    iya ni vel,dulu sih hampir tiap hari aja udah posting yg baru, blakangan lg gak kebelet blogging bgt,jadi agak lama ngepostnya hehe.
    Lg ngumpulin mood nih biar rajin!

  3. THAT BLAZER IS SO FAB! I want a printed blazer too.

  4. Oh my... thanks sayang..., u r so nice :D
    i put your link on my shop's blog too ok...

    btw the blazer from etsy are inspiring dear..., you have such a great eyes, love your taste :D

    happy holiday ya :D

  5. loving your blazer baby!

    and cindy of diamond hurts.. is a stunner.. i know..!! i love her and her new shop Only i!

  6. Those patchwork blazers are awesome!! Have fun on your out-of-town adventure!!

  7. SHE HAS SOME dAAAAAMMM AMAZING CLOTHES MANNN!!! i cnt believ they are all renewal!! i love your blazer btw!

  8. OMG BLAZEEEEEEEEERR MUUUUU BUUAAAAAAAAAAAATT KUUUU SAJAAAAAAAA (entah kenapa setiap lo ngeposting sesuatu selalu aja ada barang2 lo yang gw pengen ya??hahaha :P,tp sumpah blazernya keren banged :))

  9. renewing old stuff is always such fun! thx for reminding us that! drop by, I have just tagged you;)

  10. okii..those lil chair ring is sooo cute :)

    and,thx for freaturing about Only I..I love their stuff,but what I want is already sold out :((..too bad..

  11. I love that 4th blazer! I've been wearing a patchwork blazer obsessively lately:

  12. I loooove the print on your blazer!

  13. isn't oi wonderful???? i did my shopping there hahaha... just can't help it!

    nice floral blazer, btw. do your short have prints on them? they look so cool!

  14. oi is a wonderful shop. just reserved a cute high waisted skirt from that shop.. hehehe that's a very nice blazer of yours..

  15. i can see you love prints! awesome blazer!!!!!


  16. iya ki, keren bgt cindy itu ya..dia penyanyi apa designer sih? kyknya punya band jg. hahaha

  17. yiqin : thanks, go grab one! :D
    cindy : thanks! sukses ya..
    myrrh goldframe : thanks,baby..yes she does
    clarewbrown : thank youu, the trip was awesomely fun
    rachie pie : am i right?? thanks honeey
    chi : ahhaha. chi,i'm very flattered lho! :')
    alecca rox : thanksssss! will check that
    fika : yaah, yaudah blanja yg lain aja fik. ;P
    wendy B : i already check. and u wear awesome outfit too.
    twobreads please : thank youu
    stain on my red shoes : good! uh yes,ada printnya di short aku.timbul kyk dr bhn beludru gt.
    talisha : that's great sha! thanks
    the sidney girl : yes i dooo :D
    kirafashion : thanks u so much too
    eleh : thanks for that wow
    wina : iya,wah ak ga tau de win klo nyanyi jg? km tau drmana?

  18. i love that chair ring!! argh, gimme gimme!!!

  19. wow your blazer is rad! i want it!

  20. love your rings! ^*

  21. Love the blazers!!! I tagged you!!!

  22. eekkk all these blazers are to die for lol so colourful yum!!!!!!! =)

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons X

  23. oh my gosh I am love with your chair ring!!! such a pretty outfit :)