Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little by little

Sooo hello again...

Other things really fade up my mind during this month.

Tricolour wedges , HOuse bag: temple trees, diy brown acid wash jeans, flowery top with back detail : costum made, pink black tulle necklace: diy

Browsing.....and stop by in some site that have awesome-breath taking-rings. Actually this site talks anything about dinosaurs, and what a coincidence...they have these as their souvenirs.

The rings feature five different prehistoric animals - Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops, plus a Pteranodon (Pterosaur, flying reptile), Prehistoric mammals are also represented, there is a Sabre-Tooth cat and Woolly Mammoth ring.

Do you think what i think?

Yupsy....i'd love to add them in my ring collection box..



  1. What a cute purse :)! And I love the rings, especially the elephant..(?) ;)

  2. finally!! you come back to this blogging world..
    been missed you a lot :D..hehehe

    sibuk banget yaa ki?katanya cuma off ampe selasa,,tnytaa ampe selasa bbrp minggu kemudian :P..
    waah..kamu penggemar cincin yaa?sama tuh ama ade' aq..hihi

  3. hwaa finally you post again!
    uuh the rings are all cute :)

  4. akhirnya post baru lagi! gw sempet ngira blog lo atau link yg gw taro di blog roll rusak gt hehe..

    aaaah acid wash jeans nya!

  5. The bag, the jeans! Oooooohhhh I likes, I likes alot.

    prettyneons X

  6. hi,dear.. think you miss-type your first line :) perhaps you mean "fed" up, rather than "fade" up :) just think u should know..
    anyway, i like those rings too :)

  7. what a grat jeans..... i like your blog so much,wanna exchange link?

  8. i found that kind of rings at singapore zoo, but the animal was monkey and stuff :p

    cute bag that u have there..

    i'll link your blog if u dont mind :)

  9. Ingrid Alise : yes,the mammoth one is so stunning!
    F i K a : huhuuu,miss u too.. iya aku doyan bgt sm cincin, cm skrg lg bokek bgt aja,jadi gak belanja2.
    valonia irene : thanks a lot sweety... =)
    chi : iya chi..sibuk bgt blkgn ini..adaa aja yg bikin males ngepost
    prettyneons : huge thanks darling...
    copyproof : ooouuw u're right! thanks a lot for the correction
    regina : sure regina.. my pleasure.. =D

  10. risfaneno : ouwh thank you risfaneno... i'll link u too..

  11. love ur background and ur top.
    mind to exchange link ?

  12. we're bot are fans of only i, eh?! hehehehe

    cute little purse you have there!

  13. hiaahahaa lucu rings2nya. finally update jg oki : )

    love the outfit too! keep em cominggg!

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  15. love the jeans . btw, mind exchange link ?

  16. I was thinking , why do you rarelly post posts ? I really love reading your blog

  17. hey, i got a blog award for you, hope you not receive it before:)))

  18. thank you so muchy muchy guys for your comments..

  19. i love your blog :) a very nice blog .
    nice to know you .
    by the way, follow my twitter please.

  20. I really like the cutouts at the back :')

  21. Thanks so much issye, little bo beep and AMIT...