Monday, December 03, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials: The Top Five

From undergarments to little black dresses, blazers to scarves; there are some items in every girl’s wardrobe that we simply couldn’t live without.

They may not all be glamorous, they may not even make an entire outfit on their own. Yet these wardrobe basics are five essential items that every girl should have. So if you’re unsure whether you have every fashion base covered, here are the absolute essentials to go out and shop for.

1.       Black blazer

A well-tailored black blazer is an absolute must for every girl. They look great with all body shapes and best of all can be paired with just about everything. This includes skinny-legged jeans, work trousers and skirts. Be sure to find one that fits you well and highlights the presence of your waist.

2.       LBD

An absolute classic that every girl should own is the much-loved Little Black Dress. LBDs are particularly great if you’re in a rush and black dresses are always good for concealing any lumps and bumps that you’re worried about.  

3.       Floaty scarf

The scarf - ready to make any old dull outfit shine. They can come in florals, block colours or cheeky leopard print – anything that will add colour and fun to a boring old knit, T-shirt or vest.

Now, this fashion heroine mustn’t be worn solo – you should always pair it with a bright lip colour, bold stilettos or a colourful purse.

4.       Winning undergarments

This might seem like a big category but it’s one that a lot of women seem to get wrong. There are three undergarment essentials that women can’t ignore.  

The first is a well fitted and stylish everyday bra that offers the support you need for your busy lifestyle.

The second is a separate sports bra for when you hit the gym or go for a jog, as your regular bras simply can’t provide the much-needed support for the extra bounce.

The final must-have undergarment is something to get out on a special occasion. This could be a flirty lace corset, an elegant nighty, or a sexy suspender – whatever it is that gives you confidence when your clothes come off and the sheets get rumpled.

5.       Comfortable flats

If you’re prone to a lot of walking, be sure to buy a pair of comfortable and stylish flat shoes that will last the distance. Steer clear of cheap, plastic looking makes that only lead to blisters. Always opt for a bit of a heel, as it will help to lift you off the ground and not appear too flat-footed. 

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