Friday, May 22, 2009

Black on white or white on black?

Zebra bikinis: The GRASS, DIY white shirt,unbranded black tights and grey socks, black bowler:Flea market.

I order 3 items from The GRASS shop last time,, 2 swimsuits and 1 top. (they have cute swimsuits and bikinis collection anyway) And i dont really satisfy with the real object, it just didn't look similar with the picture. But wel..i have to accept it wheter like it or not,right?! Blame on me, blame the seller, or blame the image's resolution?


  1. Hehe, sama2....Ga sabar pgn liat postingannya ;)

    Btw, I like your look....So cool, bowlernya beli di flea market mana? I would love to have one ^^

  2. Those zebra shorts are so damn cool! And I love your inspirational wall, it's perfect for picture-taking! xxx

  3. @petrushkabiel : oh itu beli di bazaargaksengajaliat deket rmh gw. hehe
    @bella : yes bella,therefore i made it

  4. oh, senangnya bs ga sengaja ktemu barang bagus...lucky for you ;)

  5. love love the zebra shorts... also the combination of your white diy tees and the black tees inside, awesome :)
    thanks for your comment in my blog, u also got a great blog here, :x :D

  6. Hello Lokita!!!

    Thanks so much for passing by!
    I love your style so much! Those zebra prints at those shorts are so much fun! Made me wanna wear it too!!

    You are already are at my fav! I love to increase my list and make new friends!!!!

    a kiss and a hug,
    have a great weekend!!!

    see you,

  7. @ petrushkabiel : tunggu aj..klo g dicari justru suka g sengaja ktemu kok. :D
    @ diamondhurts : ouw thanks,,i adore u anyway
    @ mademoissele chic : thanks dear
    @ Kira : Alright, i add you too kira.

  8. thankyou for the comment :)
    i love your inspirational wall, its great! :) xx

  9. gx tau bokap biasa ride kemana, jelasnya gunung2 lah. hahaa.

    eh lo biasa shopping dimana sih?

  10. Great look! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love the t-shirt and skirt!

  11. hei nice blog. and your wall, wow, i just can't say a thing, a wall of fashion, love it

  12. wow your shorts is soo cool you know!

  13. You room wall is just incredible. ;) I've always wanted to do something like that too haha but I imagine my parents would flip haha...

    Thanks very much for your comment! I'd love to exchange links with you. I think you've got really unique style and it's great how you mix and match different clothing items together. Those shredded black pants in the previous post and like whoo!! And so nicely paired with the purple socks too. Anyway yup added you!

  14. shorts--want correction---need LOL
    peace & bows...
    prettyneons x

  15. hello ! im new in your blog :) love your creativity :) especially the last post :)
    ill be back to visit you :)
    a bientot !
    Boubou xx

  16. Hey :)
    That's a bikini bottom? Really? Interesting!
    Nice blog you got here.

  17. gee, just found your blog and liking it :D your wall look so sick. i love it!

  18. I hate it when I buy stuff online and it doesn't turn out the way I want it to!! But cool DIY white shirt!

  19. gorgeous :-D i love the shorts and tee together! xxxc

  20. Hi thanks for passing by. btw i like your look.
    if you don't mind, would you exchange link with me ?

  21. hay ringadingaboing2
    nice photos
    celana nya lucu bgt q suer dah ttekewekewer2.
    besok karaoke cuy!!lo nebeng taya aja

    wanna xchange link?
    with love, viva la vrg

  22. aaahhh your shorts!!!! they are gorgeousssssss.....

  23. wow is tht ur wall? cool.. hahah mind exchanging links? would love to link ur blog.

  24. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah zebra shortsnya kereeeen paraaaaaaaaaaaaah x)

  25. @boubou: boubou..why i can't go through your blog?
    @lilylove : yup,that's a bikini shorts. Bikini yg model celana pinggang tinggi.
    @emz : yep right..that's the consequences
    @others : thank youu so much! :)

  26. cute and stylish! you have a great wall collage over there.

  27. Thanks a lot. You also have a wonderfull taste,dear..