Sunday, May 10, 2009

I eat for free

I'm in the mood to just wearing shorts this saturday.

Drive my mom to her friend's funeral. 


The detail

Black short jumpsuit, DIY necklace, Red Yongki Komaladi Shoes, Animal print bag 


White blazer Endorse,light blue shirt, purple tie dye shawl worn as necklace:Palembang, Bird Brooch:Centro, Lip bag:click boutique, Shorts and black fringe flats:ITC kuningan

Attend my junior high school reunion in Tomodachi, Bellagio Boutique Mall.

Gosh..i forgot to pay the bill!! I just remember it when i already inside the car on my way home. xP


  1. sure I would love to swap links..=) I've long been planning to make a photowall but haven't found time to start on it..your pants are cute BTW..=)