Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big heart

Oh how beautiful hanging out my your best pals. Went to Urban Kitchen and Ramen Sanpachi..ordered level 7. wohoo...and i don't feel like really spicy.D'OH...give me more! hahah!

White loose tee :GAP, peep toe boots:Vicari, Zebra bag:OL shop

heart tights: Stocking house, skirt:inheritance

random gold necklace and rings : DIY, ITC, mayestik

Last time i received a packet from Lu Shae Jewelry. I eagerly opened it, and's a ring! A very lovely ring. Aaawh..look at my flattered face. I was thrilled. Hundred thanks for Lu Shae Jewelry,love it very much.

So..this is a Golden Rain Drops ring. (i like the title anyway) your golden friends,newbie..


  1. Gorgeous bangles and rings! Great look!

  2. Errrgggh okyy where are you been these days? You're gone with lacking of post :( btw love your rings so much!!!

  3. anthea : huge thanks :D
    Eva Silviana :aku aku..sembunyi. hahaha.

  4. It's nice to meet you sis..! :) :)
    hope we gonna a great friends..!

    your blog was so awesome..

    And btw, i heart your style! Keep going! ^_^

    with love,

  5. Alita claudia : love u too :P heheh
    Stella Marcella : huge thanks for u! my arms are wide open for a new friend,dear..

  6. i love ur rings very much dear !
    btw . stocking house ada dimana yah ? hehehe
    kek nya mantep tuh buat ngoprek2 .hhaha

    many thanks for the sweet comments as always .
    keep bloggin XD
    xoxoxo : michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  7. mom daughter style & ye55i : thanks dear :)
    michelle : stocking house ada di semanggi sm di pluit. Believe me..they have a looot of cute tights.

  8. love the stack of rings! thanks for the info regarding stocking house.. i'm a sucker for tights..

  9. Hei.. anak ui juga yah? jurusan apa? hehe, i've linked your blog!

  10. I am so crazy about your great rings!!!

  11. talisha : :D sure..
    ye55i : link u very soon..
    betz & kirafashion : thank youu... i treat'em as my child. hahah -__-

  12. accessory overload looks so good on you! love the heart tights

  13. I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

    If you want check out my blog and leave a comment! Thanks a lot!

  14. all accessories here are stunning ! love the rings esp. <3

  15. I do love your white shirt and your zebra bag!

  16. hi.. blogwalking! :)

    i likee too much yor dolphin ring,, soo cute! :)

    anw, like your tights too!

    just visit my blog too dear,,


  17. y ampunnn ini blog lu tohh, gw dulu sering buka tp sejak kuliah udah ga sempet blogwalking lg jd sampe lupa dan ga ngenalin hahahah. nice to meet you!!

  18. oki, gw pernah buka ni blog, trus ga gw follow hahaha pas meet-up kemaren n lw nyebut nama panjang lw jadi inget lagi..

    btw, me adore too much your gold accessories, I'm a gold whore hahahah..

    btw, followed you and will link you asap!!

  19. lovely rings and tights!
    okii hope can meet you again next time :)


  20. Wow love those rings, esp. the dolphin one! xo, mel

  21. hi hun! beautiful jewelry girl! love that skirt!!! nice outfit ! WM.


  22. we love these rings! amazing..

    if you like, come and follow our new fashion blog.. we hope you love it. xx