Wednesday, January 06, 2010

blackbow hat:fleamarket, snakeskin top:tailor made, lip bag:OL shop, silver oxford:Misschic,black skinny jeans:DUST

So,i got featured on KAWANKU January edition.
Huge thanks...!(for "mbak anggie" especially)
There are Silvi, Velo and Fhenny who got featured also.

D'UH...but trust me,i'm not as fat as it looks.eheh...


  1. Love the top with the fun silver flats! And the red bag addition is a great touch to add just the right splash of color! Congratulations on the feature!!! xo, mel

  2. haaai say, main2 ya ke blog Candyfeet... kita ada leopard doc marc nih, new stuff! :)