Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday !

Guess what?

This is my bday... xD

Some of the present i got :

A yellow lavalamp! Just like what i've been wanting. But first i have to charge it for one hour.Thanx a lot to Pande,bpw,Bela,Iconk.

And a...

Cartoon tanktop about 1 $

PRINGLES...! Cheesy cheese pringles. Haha.Thanks Paw!cup

And other more presents. I will post it later. I also got a singing birthday card! 

Thanks all!Thanks a lot! To : vorega,ratih,pande,dity,hadyan,bimo,eja,cocom,hansel,dyota,koi,londoy,bela,philip,iconk,kimin,my cousins,my parents and many more.

Except for HIM ! >:(

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