Thursday, April 09, 2009

Two thumbs up for Japanese

Yesterday i accompanied my friend to a market to buy some daily needs. While she busy with her own, i found a little spot filled with Japanese products. You know,Japan always made several nice and cute things. Here are some that steal my attention :

A door barrier. A cat shape and an elephant look-a-like. Funny how they made such a simple thing to block up a door, that practically we can just block it by a folded paper or other heavy furniture else, or we can just let the door a bit open.

This is used to accesorize your sink. It looks like a tulip showering you. Love it.

Wanna eat a heart shape egg? use this! made by silicon or metal. Hhh,i felt like i wanna buy it,maybe i could make a lovely meal for my lover? (There's a rooster shape too)

And other cute stuff.. Yay for Japanese!

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