Monday, April 06, 2009

Leo Monk’s 'L5' tooled-leather briefcase

A good-sized briefcase or laptop bag to see you through the day, unusual and/or stylish choices are few and far between.

Wooden Briefcase by Takumi Shimamura

I'm not sure how practical this wooden briefcase is, but it just looks so touchable. Handmade from ecological thinned Japanese cedar and designed to accommodate laptops.


The green satchel has a detachable shoulder strap, double buckle fastening and a multi-coloured rainbow pattern on one half of the flapover.

Yeheeeey...i love the last one. *Smoooch..

Now, i got to go to Depok in a couple minutes later. Have a nice Monday!

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  1. I have seen Leather briefcase and other type of briefcases never saw a wooden one, it's got to be something really cool!