Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing with a little white dress and black sneaker

Sister's old dress,and my old sneakers

Blue bag, worn outside,it should be inside,mom's pink vest, sister's bag.

DIY bow brooch and light blue flower

Car bag from Bandung, PVJ. Unbranded big red belt

Zebra drawstring La Princessa

2nd white bag from Kaskus, DIY black bow brooch, DIY black belt, mom's geek glasses.

feather earring about $3

sister's white bag

and the rest are froom...Ps.Senen. (some kinda flea market). Yeah,and actually i took those photo right when i got home from that place. Without germ washed of course. ;P

I apologize about that very poor image quality. Well, blame my camera, and blame my mom who doesn't want to buy me a new camera. 

But I will make the next image post be better, i will..


  1. is that you room? woow so cool! your outfits are cute to!

    nice to know you, for the thankyou lovely comment you gave me.

  2. yup,that's my room, i sticked all the picture about 2 days. ;P

  3. Hey nice touch!
    Keep it movin' ok!

    hugs,iqa from the chiccas.